Life Celebrations

Saying farewell to someone that has meant something to you is often very hard and painful. As your Funeral Celebrant, I will ensure that your final goodbye is carried out the way you want it to be. Not tied by specific liturgy or background, I will ensure that your ceremony meets yours and your family’s/friends’ wishes – if you want no reference to religion that is fine, if you want to include a favourite hymn or reading from the Bible or other Spiritual Source or a prayer I will ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. If there are special moments during the ceremony that will make it more meaningful to you that can also be accommodated (as long as the venue has no restrictions). Inclusion of family and friends by readings, singing, tributes are encouraged and always discussed with you.

You are welcome to contact me, as your Funeral Celebrant, directly or through your Funeral Director.

After the initial introduction I will arrange to meet with you at a time and place of your choice. At this time we can share stories in order that I can create a picture and a life story of your loved one to prepare a ceremony and tribute that is fitting. If you want to have a chance to review the ceremony and/or tribute once I have written I can email a copy and it can be edited according to feedback. Following the ceremony I will send you a copy of the ceremony and tribute. If you, or a family member wish to write and speak the tribute of course that is welcome.

There are several options for a funeral ceremony that I can deliver:

  • Graveside Ceremony
  • Ceremony at Crematorium followed by Cremation
  • Ceremony at Cemetery Chapel followed by Burial
  • Ceremony at another location followed by Committal at Crematorium or Graveside

I also conduct Memorial Ceremonies – these are ceremonies where the deceased person with their body is not present. This may be some time after a funeral (which for some people can be a small private ceremony) and then a wider gathering of family and friends and colleagues with a more celebratory note.

In a similar manner to funeral ceremonies I will meet with you to listen, discuss and plan a unique ceremony.

Scattering and Interment of Ashes

An interment or scattering of ashes ceremony is an important ceremony for some people as part of bereavement and dealing with the loss of someone. Sometimes a funeral ceremony and cremation is held first, and then another ceremony for the interment or scattering of the ashes. Sometimes there is no funeral ceremony but a direct cremation and then a ceremony surrounding disposal of the ashes. Whenever it takes place, it is an opportunity to remember the life of the person who has died and to mark their final laying to rest. Together we can create a ceremony that reflects yours and your family’s wishes in a way to give a fitting farewell to the person who has died.

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