Other family ceremonies

Welcoming into families of step or adopted children ceremonies in Somerset

Like a naming ceremony to welcome a new birth into the family, a welcoming ceremony can be a meaningful way to celebrate the arrival and integration of adopted or step-children into a family and community. Such a ceremony can be tailored to your unique needs and I will ensure that a truly memorable and special occasion is made. Such a ceremony can include religious, spiritual or secular elements that are important to your family.

Welcoming a child is an awesome moment to be shared in a way that is as unique for your family as your child is. There are so many possibilities of elements that you can include, such as unity sand ceremonies, unity canvas ceremonies, handfasting and others and I can offer suggestions and help you design what is right for you.


Divorce and separation healing ceremonies across the South West of England

Some people want to mark a divorce or ending of a relationship with a ceremony that helps healing, celebrates and marks all that has gone before for the couple and family, and sends them on to the next part of their journey in love.

I can help you plan a sensitive ceremony for you that is a suitable reflection of what has been and what might be to come.

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